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OTA Insight: Hotels could piggyback off rentals' demand data
By Linda Fox | April 13, 2023
OTA Insight has delved into its data to find that hotel revenue managers can pick up early demand signals by looking at what’s happening in the rentals market. Read More
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Can we hardwire happiness into hospitality tech?
By Linda Fox | March 29, 2023
Hotels are providing the opposite of hospitality with long queues, paperwork, poor Wi-Fi and disconnected systems, according to Lennert de Jong, president for hospitality at Planet. Read More
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News / Startups
Are travel companies more willing to work with startups?
By Linda Fox | March 14, 2023
Investors believe there has been positive change since before the pandemic with travel supply companies such as hotels and airlines now much more receptive to working with startups. Read More
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News / Technology
OTA Insight unveils platform with hotel and vacation rental data
By Kathryn Walson | March 6, 2023
With the addition of STR data, the Rate Insight+ platform gives hoteliers a complete picture of their competitive landscape and enables them to improve pricing decisions, according to OTA Insight. Read More
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From Our Partners / Distribution
How to execute a commercial strategy, break down silos and increase efficiency with the new Overview
By Nadine Böttcher - OTA Insight | June 13, 2022
OTA Insight's new platform puts a hotel's key metrics in one place. Read More
 alt="OTA Insight acquires hotel revenue management tech company Kriya RevGen"  title="OTA Insight acquires hotel revenue management tech company Kriya RevGen"
News / Technology
OTA Insight acquires hotel revenue management tech company Kriya RevGen
By Jill Menze | April 14, 2022
OTA Insight and Kriya RevGen will form a business intelligence solution that delivers tailored insights for both hotel-level users and multi-property users. Read More
 alt="Tracking travel startup investment trends in 2021"  title="Tracking travel startup investment trends in 2021"
News / Startups
Tracking travel startup investment trends in 2021
By Linda Fox | December 15, 2021
Standout sectors attracting investment in 2021 include alternative accommodation and ground transportation while tours and activities, corporate travel and hotel tech startups are also getting some... Read More
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News / Online
OTA Insight raises $80M Series B funding for expansion
By Mitra Sorrells | November 18, 2021
The company currently serves more than 55,000 properties in 185 countries and says it will use the funding for product innovation and global expansion. Read More
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From Our Partners / Distribution
Discover how to track worldwide recovery and spot early signs of demand
By Nadine Böttcher - OTA insight | September 22, 2021
Despite hoteliers across the globe eager to capitalize on recovery efforts, strategic decision-making is more difficult in a post-pandemic world than ever before. Read More
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Opinion / Online
How hotels can use top-of-funnel data to capture recovering demand
By Gino Engels - OTA Insight | November 10, 2020
To gain more visibility into future demand, hoteliers are transitioning from using historical data to analyzing new, top‐of‐funnel data sets with deeper insights into traveler intent. Read More
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News / Online
Tripadvisor sees signs of recovery, reports positive EBITDA in Q3 2020
By Mitra Sorrells | November 5, 2020
Total revenue for the quarter was $151 million and adjusted EBITDA turned positive in Q3 to $15 million. Read More
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Tripadvisor, OTA Insight partner to boost hotel data intelligence
By Mitra Sorrells | October 27, 2020
The partnership creates Tripadvisor's new Spotlight data solution, a subscription product launching along with a second subscription tool, Reputation Pro. Read More
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Opinion / Distribution
Millennials, attribute-based selling, "rogue" OTAs - what hospitality looks like in 2020
By Dave Collier - OTA Insight | December 13, 2019
In travel and hospitality, it’s tough to single out the most significant forecasts for next year, but these developments will be ones to watch in 2020. Read More
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News / Distribution
Marriott tightens reins on wholesale rates by tapping Expedia to manage distribution
By Mitra Sorrells | September 17, 2019
Expedia Group and Marriott International have signed an agreement that makes Expedia Group the single gateway and redistributor for Marriott wholesale inventory.   Read More
 alt="Prep for parity: everything hotels and online travel agencies need to know"  title="Prep for parity: everything hotels and online travel agencies need to know"
From Our Partners / Distribution
Prep for parity: everything hotels and online travel agencies need to know
By Clive Wood - OTA Insight | April 8, 2019
The parity problem is not going away, but actionable data can help hoteliers address the problem and recoup revenue and reputation. Read More