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Phocuswright Europe 2020 preview: Out of Office with... Christine Wang
By PhocusWire | September 10, 2020
In a series of interviews with executives participating in the online event in September, PhocusWire finds out what they have learned from the COVID-19 crisis. Read More
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Airlines can address other passenger frustrations as they work to rebuild confidence
By Linda Fox | September 8, 2020
Data analyzed by Lufthansa Innovation Hub's TNMT platform identifies major issues in the passenger experience. Read More
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Touchless tech: Airports and airlines take steady steps to restore confidence in flying
By Linda Fox | August 4, 2020
Continuing our series on the new normal in the travel experience, PhocusWire looks at touchless tech initiatives in aviation. Read More
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Is NDC going to survive COVID-19? One airline group gives an unequivocal “Yes!”
By Philippe Der Arslanian - Answair | July 27, 2020
Resources have been slashed, investments cut, strategic programs paused and, more than ever, executive focus has zeroed in on any new project to scrutinize its rate‐of‐return. So where does that leave... Read More
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sabre-wade jones-lufthansa
Q&A: Sabre on equitable deals in airline distribution
July 6, 2020
Sabre executive vice president Wade Jones discusses what he believes constitutes a fair distribution deal with airlines. Read More
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Lufthansa Group airlines to be removed from Sabre as pair fail to reach distribution agreement
By Linda Fox | May 14, 2020
Lufthansa and Sabre have been wrangling over distribution costs since 2015 - now the group's airlines are to be removed from the latter's global distribution system. Read More
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Are the tech giants coming for airlines?
By Linda Fox | May 4, 2020
Data giants such as credit card companies have stayed away from airlines; post-coronavirus travel might change that. Read More
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Travel value chain under scrutiny as airlines get bailouts and intermediaries plead for help
Travel value chain under scrutiny as airlines get bailouts and intermediaries plead for help
By Linda Fox | March 26, 2020
IATA's mention of the value chain has faced significant criticism in the past week from some areas of the intermediary community, seemingly for acting in isolation. They believe the industry is in this... Read More
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Keeping communication channels open is critical for airlines during a crisis
Keeping communication channels open is critical for airlines during a crisis
By Linda Fox | March 23, 2020
15below CEO Nicholas Key discusses the role technology is playing in real-time communications with passengers, lessons learned from previous experiences and the need to meet customer expectations... Read More
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Talk is cheap as report finds travelers lukewarm on sustainable travel action
By Linda Fox | February 20, 2020
A study by Lufthansa Innovation Hub and Hopper shows that travelers say they want to go greener but are not prepared to pay for it. Read More
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Lufthansa Group renews IT partnership with Amadeus, adds digital services
By Linda Fox | February 18, 2020
While the deal was agreed in principle about a year ago, Amadeus says it has taken time to negotiate various elements included in it. Read More
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Sabre goes all-in with Google Cloud for infrastructure and analytics
Sabre goes all-in with Google Cloud for infrastructure and analytics
By Linda Fox | January 24, 2020
The distribution and technology giant says new services and “operational agility” are part of the plan, with Google Cloud becoming its preferred cloud provider as well as a “broader strategic partner.” Read More
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How the corporate travel industry is tackling climate change
By Linda Fox | January 22, 2020
The corporate travel community is tackling climate change with a focus on education, open dialogues and reducing carbon by traveling less. Read More
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TripActions moves deeper into Europe with investment from Lufthansa Group
By Mitra Sorrells | January 21, 2020
TripActions will actively pursue clients in Europe with the help of Lufthansa Group. Read More
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offsetting air travel emissions
Offsetting carbon emissions is soaring in air travel - but is it effective?
By Steven Lerner | January 15, 2020
As the movement to reduce carbon emissions through offsetting has grown, so, too, have questions about the efficacy of the endeavor. Read More
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