internet-trends-2019-meekerMary Meeker's annual report: Growing giants, next-gen data and super apps
Many in the digital and wider industrial world await Mary Meeker’s annual trends report with... Read More
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VIDEO: Understanding the biometric future for travelVIDEO: Understanding the biometric future for travel
Biometric technology is becoming an accepted part of the journey for travelers in more parts of the... Read More
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REPORT: Measuring true impact in digital advertisingREPORT: Measuring true impact in digital advertising
Travel marketers have ramped up their digital advertising budgets, their focus on measuring the true... Read More
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Sounding Off: Another major OTA arriving is the least of the hospitality sector's worries
Understanding and meeting the changing customer is going to become the single most important... Read More
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Stride walks away with $2.5M in funding for multiday packages platform
Stride adds $2.5 million to its coffers and launches its TripFinder feature to match travelers to... Read More
News | Startups talks up importance of reviews in travel decisions, especially for rentals
The OTA's survey of 21,500 travelers globally reveals that 53% of travelers have decided not to book... Read More
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The A-to-Gen Z of travel loyalty
The next generation of consumers don’t want one-size-fits-all rewards. They want to be recognized... Read More
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Airbnb gets into multiday tours game with launch of Airbnb Adventures
The adventures, numbering more than 200 at the outset, are available either exclusively to Airbnb or... Read More
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Frustration with online travel booking continues as consumers consult more sites
The web was supposed to make booking travel easier, faster and more accessible - but the reality is... Read More
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Q&A: Worldpay's Thomas Helldorff on challenges, trends and predictions for travel payments
Worldpay's vice president of vertical strategy for travel and airlines shares his thoughts... Read More
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VIDEO: Deep in the minds of the industry's young leaders
The next generation of leaders in the industry have plenty to say about the challenges that they face... Read More
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How do travelers choose where to go?
Travelers are exposed to an array of inspiration sources that seed ideas of spectacular places they... Read More
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Bitcoin continues to be on a slow burn as payment option in travel
Can Bitcoin gain real traction in travel payments as it's explored by new segments?... Read More
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